Our Ladybird bride Wendy

Our Ladybird bride Wendy


As you probably know, we love it when a member of our Ladybird family gets married (just like our Joyce last year). We are as close as one can be when one of our own goes through the process of choosing a dress, making adjustments and walking down the aisle.

So when the good soul of our Marketing department decided to say yes to the love of her life (literally, we are talking 21 years here!) we could not wait to see her as a Ladybird bride.
And hello – she certainly owned that dress.

“All I wanted was a gown that reflects my personality and the day that we were planning: fun and relaxed, matching by our beach location and light and flowy. Since I know all the dresses very well, I obviously had a slight advantage when it came to choosing a dress – or a disadvantage since I have seen all of them in real life and fallen in love with quite a few of them over the years.
My favourite material is crepe, so I choose a combination of this fabric and lace applications on bodice and trail. A little belt and a long veil completed my look”

Photography: Nienke van Denderen