Ladybird Bride of the Year - Wedding Girdwood Alaska

Huizen (Netherlands) – February 14th, 2020. The bride of the year 2019 has been chosen: Marissa Burns can now proudly wear the title. The invitation to tender for the bride of the year is already a tradition at Ladybird and was eagerly awaited by the brides of the previous year. Hundreds of brides took part again this year and the jury couldn’t get enough of the multitude of beautiful photos. The choice was certainly not easy and in the end with thunderous applause to Marissa, who was supported by her beautiful photography (Juliana Renee Photography) and beautiful, slim-fitting Ladybird dress.

As a native American, Marissa was stationed in Germany at the time of the fitting. Her mother flew in from the USA to try it on, to accompany her only daughter to buy her dream wedding dress.

Marissa bought the dress from the bridal fashion boutique Himmelreich in Schwalbach. There she found the advice from owner Kerstin Walter who was not only very friendly and helpful but also gave an honest advice.

Ladybird Dress 420073 was Marissa’s absolute favorite – the cut, the color, the details were just right, and Marissa’s great wish to buy her Ladybird dream dress in Europe came true. During the move, the bride personally brought the dress in hand luggage from Germany to Alaska, USA.

On the big day of the wedding, guests and groom reacted emotionally to the dress. The groom was overwhelmed: “This dress is so much more than I ever expected. It’s elegant and perfect with the cowboy boots ”. The boots were the very special accessory to the dress and made the look of Marissa perfect.

From all the hundreds of submissions, the jury selected Marissa’s submission: “For us, Marissa is a real Ladybird bride, the dress just suited her perfectly. The lace shoulder straps are very trendy, and the combination with the boots gave the look a very individual twist. Marissa’s photos and story made the choice made for her, because her love of the wedding dress, the wedding itself and the overall atmosphere were just right.

As the winner of the Ladybird Bride of the Year 2019 campaign, Marissa receives something very special: the purchase amount of her dream dress.

Bride of the Year 2019 - Marissa Burns in her Ladybird wedding dress