How do I find the perfect fit?

Every woman wants to look enchanting on her big day. In a bridal gown, this dream always becomes reality. For every shape there is a perfect dress, that enhances the good points and hides some weaker spots. But not only the shape is important for the right choice, but also a right fit for your personality.



An A-Line model is a good choice for pretty much any woman. It emphasizes female curves on the top and spreads out from the waistline in a skirt. This fit is perfect for smaller or expecting women.


The waistline is cut right above the natural waistline and just below the chest. Curves are slightly hidden but the waistline can be accentuated with a belt or a bow. Shoulders and décolleté are highlighted. This fit is perfect for expecting women and androgynous types.

Ball Gown

The perfect fit for a princess. Dresses in this style fit the upper body like a glove and move into a full skirt with loads of volume. Flattering for tall women and anyone that wants to have that big entrance.


Those dresses are cut for a slender silhouette that delivers a very elegant look. The perfect choice for fit women with an androgynous body shape.


A Trumpet-dress emphasizes every curve. The cut surrounds the upper body and drops in the middle of the thigh. A great fit for athletic or curvy women.

The most female silhouette in the world of bridal fashion is the Mermaid. It covers the body from the décolleté to the knees. Depending on the model the skirt can be wider or slimmer and end with or without a train. A perfect choice for women with a sand hourglass figure.